We Review Casinos is a review site, offering unbiased new online casino reviews of the casinos running around. We provide detailed reviews and ratings based on a whole set of criteria that shall help you pick the best and the most reliable casinos to play. Popular casinos in the world offer an intriguing set of welcome bonuses, which lures the customer and ensures them to come and play the game in a particular casino.

In the end, serious independent companies, who are proficient in auditing the legitimacy, test the games and content related specifications like no other. Thus, our site reviews are more than just genuine, they are indeed your first destination to know about the games.

We have a guide to best online casino 2018 and there are tables that shall assist you. You will get to know the casinos, the most profitable slot games on offer in these casino sites, and their rules and regulations along with the best casino bonus they offer. In short, our reviews would be a comprehensive case study for you to understand the casino site really well.

How We Review the Casino and Rate Them?

We follow few thumb rules for evaluating a casino and finding out free casino slots for your online gambling.

These are a few of the factors that we definitely take a look into before reviewing them. We only review the casinos after we find out the following points.

  • License: We make sure that the casinos are licensed. The main aim is to make sure the players are treated fairly and in a proper manner. Another goal is to prevent any money laundering that might occur.
  • Fair Play and responsible gambling: We ensure that the casino is very clear about its Fair play policy and it is adhering to the responsible gambling policies too.
  • Bonus details: We make sure that the casino has bonus page separately and it gives out worthy and actual bonuses.
  • Payment options: We also check if the casino has all the legitimate and popular e-wallet payment portals and gateways. Besides that, check is made that the casino gets all the reputed banking open for deposits and withdrawals.

We review on the following aspects of a casino and give them the rating they deserve. We do not mind going to the depths of the game choice and the options of payment to get to the actual picture of the casino. We ensure that all the ratings and reviews are fair to the casino operators and the punters alike.

Game Section

The only reason for a punter to visit a casino is not just for the best casino bonus but for their vast collection of games. Ideally, modern competitive-minded game section would need to have slot games, live games, table games, and sports betting section besides the Scratch cards and jackpot games. Under each of these segments, the casino should have scores of games. However, if the casino does not have this information, then it is of no use.

The slot games should be offering good payouts, and have sufficient features besides getting good graphics. The modern slot games come in various themes of fantasy, adventure, suspense, and even plain classics like 777’s and fruit machine games.

The slot games are usually from the reputed vendors and so the casino possessing such gaming titles are always good to play and reliable. Similarly, the sites promoting the live games section must also have live dealer games and could improvise on these too. Besides that, the casino might give its own exclusive games that could pay well in Roulette, Blackjack, or Baccarat. A simple principle that we have is to check out the top games from the sites.

Website Layout

Modern casino operators claim that their site is available on the mobile phones - at least most of them do so. If they are keen to target even the mobile users, many of the casino operators have their own mobile apps to suit the needs. The website is clean, and easy to use and navigate. If the site has its own app then it should not be too complicated, take up a lot of space, consume storage space or require special configuration for its use. Too many cluttered offers and popups are annoying and the players who prefer class over anything do not enjoy these too. We rate the casinos on this aspect too along with checking if the site needs downloading to play or just goes for instant playing experience.

Auditing and Security

Every casino site would have good slot games and all, but if it does not come forward as a safe site, then it does not get any brownie points from us. We would ensure to check if the casino site has Secure Sockets Layer or SSL encryption on. Most updated casinos have this SSL for ensuring that all the online communication that happens between their website and the server is safe and confidential.

Is the casino safe or not is the next question that we check out before rating the site. Many casinos get auditing done by some random organization. However, it is always better to go for organizations like eCOGRA or GA, or TST.

Transaction Processes

We understand that people come to play at online casino to win real money and so, this requires the casinos to have smooth payment options. Usually, the payment process features deposit by credit and debit cards. If it is a reliable casino, the deposit methods would include more than just the debit and credit cards. Likewise, some casinos may charge transaction fees but that again depends on the casinos and their payment policies. These rates would also vary from one casino to the other. There are several payment options like e-wallets as Neteller, Skrill, and more and some casinos accept crypto currencies like Bitcoins, Litecoins, etc. Each casino has its own withdrawal limits and policies. Some casinos offer Welcome bonuses, which mostly deal with the first deposits cash, back offers. Some casinos even give second or third deposit offers with limited bonuses and cash backs. We appreciate the best casino welcome bonus for you just so that you can get the best deal.

Bonuses and Promotions on Offer

We are on the lookout of the casinos that offer bonuses and promotions. We have kept this segment separately since it differs from casino to casino and from one game to other. VIP promotions can also be different as one casino might require the players to get Loyalty points, which they can redeem after they reach a stipulated limit. Otherwise, there might be other casinos where in order to get VIP promotions and memberships, the players might just need to get invitations from the casino. Likewise, if the casinos offer fast bonuses, they feature in our good ratings.

Availability of Customer Support

Our reviews also feature and focus on the customer support that these casinos offer. If they do offer 24-hour live chat service and if the support is exceptionally timely, then the players might give positive reviews and come back for more. However, if the casino has only limited hour customer support, then it might be causing the players to feel lost until they get help. There are sites, which offer multi-lingual chat support, phone calling, email and live chat support all put together for the benefit of the players. Such casinos really rank high and have proved their mettle so far.

Comparison between RTP and House Edge

Return to Players or RTP plays a vital role in the casino business. While giving the online casino review for US players, we ensure to look into these games extensively and check their RTP percentages. Besides that, we also pay attention to the house edge. Unlike RTP, House edge percentage is that aspect with which a casino can support them by offering the games at low win percentage. The main difference between the RTP and House Edge is that, RTP on the higher side ensures high winning percentage. In case of House edge, the lower the percentage, higher is the winning chance.

Comparison between the Casinos

We, from We Review Casinos, also check the reviews and compare online casinos. We present the comparisons to the world so that potential players get to check and compare the points one by one and see for themselves how and which aspects the casinos succeed and fail. Every casino might have a plus point and a negative.

Casino games online is devoted in bringing out the best reviews about casinos and games. The games in most of the popular casinos undergo a series of tests and certifications before they are submitted. Some casinos even go for a series of tests and certifications from various testing institutions. These are some aspects, that gamers go before they hit out and play games in casinos. Thus, testing is one important aspect, which is carried out to ensure the players receive quality gaming contents for the money they are investing.

Software is the most tested aspect in any game or casino. Since bugs and coding errors are the most noted issues in any game, these are given a very special focus. Specialized and independent analyzers usually carry out the testing. Usually, the games are released after they are available in compatible browsers and plug-ins are formed. In the era of apps, the respective app stores of the operating systems, where the players get frequent and necessary updates ensuring the game runs on track along with frequent in-game updates.


  1. Can online casino be rigged?

The purpose of online casino game providers is for making money. They connect with customers and offer many varieties with exciting offers to make them invest money on their site. Every gaming site ensures to provide a secured mode of playing experience. In fact, there are regulations and law enforced to check that games are run lawfully and ethically. When every player cannot win all the games, there is a suspicion that online casino is rigged. You need to choose the right site and have all fun carefully.

  1. How to find the safest online casinos?

One must check for the license details of the casino provider to make sure they are good to go. Also, keep an eye on the sites that offer 128-bit SSL encryption, which is the safest way to protect both your financial and personal information. Casino sites cannot cheat as the regulations have been strictly defined and every country make sure there is no malpractice happening.

  1. Can you play online casino in the USA?

The USA has defined its law about online gambling. Many pages display details about internet casinos offered in the USA and the regulatory guidelines. So you can play online casino in the USA. But, not all sites will be accessible, and you must check them. It is recommended to find the local legislation and sign up for the online casino.

  1. Where to play online casino?

Places including Las Vegas, Bellagio cannot be forgotten for its building construction and unlimited fun to play regular casinos. But, in the recent years, online casino is gaining momentum, and you can have all the excitement to gamble all through the day. You can play them on your PC from home or office. All you need is a high-speed internet connection. The latest mobile apps have added more convenience, and you can play online casino on the go. You can download the software from the respective gaming sites. Remember that, one online casino software for different casino is not available.

  1. What is online casino gambling?

Online casino gambling is playing casino games like slot machines, sports betting, table games, and much more using your computer. Unlike going to a place and playing gaming online casino is making payment online, betting games, winning and getting money from online. All transaction happens on your handheld devices or PC with internet connection.

  1. Which is the best casino online?

Every online casino claims to be the best. But, you must know the wise way to choose the best. For doing so, you must first find sites that are legally authorized to play the game from your country. Then do some research to find the bonus offered by the sites. Also, check for their payment, withdrawal methods and SSL encryption of the site. These are all the factors to consider deciding the best online casino.

  1. What are casino bonuses?

There are different types of casino bonus including welcome bonus, referral bonus, deposit bonus, etc. The welcome reward is offered to match a part of your first deposit amount at the time of signing up. The welcome bonus can be as high as 400%. The deposit bonus is when you deposit for any game, you become eligible for an award. Referral bonus as the name indicates the reward offered when you refer your friends to play online casino.

  1. How can I deposit money?

One can deposit money using different ways to play online casino. Check for the bonuses offered on different payment methods and choose the plan to collect money. Deposit money on the sites that has 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your financial and personal details. Various payment methods include e-wallet, cheque payment, wire-free bank transfer, credit, debit card, etc. Some third-party payment methods are Skrill, Ukash, and Neteller.

  1. What is a free spin bonus?

The free spin bonus is an essential bonus but the least common reward offered by the online casino gaming providers. One can get free spinning chances as a bonus instead of cash bonus. It provides a lot, and the return is not as high as other bonus. You must take a look at more details to know about free spin bonus and understand the intricacies attached to it.

  1. What are the best tips for depositing money?

Before depositing money, you can use the following options and get benefited. Consider the deposit method and time taken for withdrawing the fund. Check for the restrictions associated with the deposit method. Make a try of the software before depositing. Create an account before you start playing online casino. Make use of e-wallets for online casino and ensure it allows not only deposit but also withdrawal. Wait for the confirmation of deposits as reliable sites provide deposit confirmation.


We Review Casinos site provides a one-stop solution when it comes to being a guide towards the world of casino and gambling. Right from the smallest of details to all the major details, all these data are completely genuine and all the players are required to do is go and play their favorite games in those casinos with the best casino bonus and honest returns.